Calculate the first derivative of f. Find the critical numbers of f, where it is increasing and decreasing, and its local extrema.


Find the left- and right-hand limits at the vertical asymptote x=−2, 2, INF, -INF

Calculate the second derivative of f. Find where f is concave up, concave down, and has inflection points.

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A: To calculate the critical  extreme values for the given function over the given interval

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A: Given:

Q: find the critical points:

A: Given function is  and the interval isThe critical points of a function are obtained when the first ...

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A: It is known that,

Q: Question 1 Parts 1, 2, and 3

A: (1.1)

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A: Leibnitz test: If the alternative series, u1 - u2 + u3 – u4 + … (un > 0, for all n) is such that 

Q: 3 Q 4. Differentiate Vx2 Vx2 2 +

A: Click to see the answer

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A: Given,

Q: Find the derivative of

A: Given,

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A: Given sequence is

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A: Given function in interval (4, 8)

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A: We need to find second derivative of f(x) 

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A: You have asked two unrelated questions in the same post.  I will address all the sub parts of the fi...

Q: Can you help with this problem step by step?

A: given function is

Q: Can you help with this problem step by step?

A: Given function is

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A: To determine the instantaneous rate of change of q with respect to p.

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A: Given a function and interval,

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A: Given differential equation is,

Q: dx Evaluate 256 289x2 dx 256-289x (Use C as an arbitrary constant.)

A: Substitute for x as follows.

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A: Make the coefficients into exponent. And they will multiply with the existing exponents.

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A: Finding an equation of a line by giving two points

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A: (a)

Q: Problem 1 Parts 1, 2, and 3

A: To determine:Part 1) Approximate value of f(3.01) using linear approximation.Part 2) The actual valu...

Q: 0 and f" (x) < 0 for all x 50. Suppose f(3) = 2, f'(3) and f'(x) 2 a. Sketch a possible graph for f ...

A: We can conclude from f(3) = 2 that the value of f(x) at x = 3 is 2.So we got one point on the curve ...

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A: Click to see the answer

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A: Click to see the answer

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A: Consider P(t) is the population in the year t.

Q: check my answer 5x+3y=-6 x=3 2x-3y=27 y=-7

A: Given system of equations are 

Q: For the demand equation, use implicit differentiation to find  dp/dx. 17p2 + 5p + 6 = x

A: Given:

Q: I need help checking my answers. Thank you for your help.

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A: Observe the given facts as follows.

Q: Find the derivative of.

A: To determine the derivative of the quotient

Q: Results for this submission Entered Answer Preview Result 62-2 (6^x)-2 correct 6t+8 6A(X+8) correct ...

A: First three subparts are correct. The final and subpart (d) is to be obtained as follows.

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A: An oil drilling rig located 14 miles off of a straight coastline is to be connected by a pipeline to...

Q: Match the blue graph of each function to the black graph of its derivative by writing the letter (A,...

A: Consider the first function:

Q: see attachment

A: Domain and range of sec(x) are  

Q: What is the moment of inertia about the origin

A: Definition: Given a plane object on the region D with continuous density p(x,y) , the moment of iner...

Q: If f(x) = exg(x), where g(0) = 5 and g'(0) = 2, find f '(0).

A: Consider the function f(x) = ex·g(x).we have g(0) = 5, g’(0) = 2To find the first derivative of f(x)...