Find c  such that the function f(x)={x^2−9x≤c, 2x−10 x>c } is continuous everywhere.

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A: Given,           x2-6x+9x2-x-6·3x+62x2-7x+3

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A: Our Aim is to solve the integral given below:-∫sin (t) sin (2t) dt -(i)

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A: Since you have asked multiple questions in single request. So we will answering only first question.

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Q: Help

A: Our Aim is to simplify the expression given below:-(-4x12y6×3x-9y7)(8x4y-2)-(i)

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A: Consider the equation is, y=350000q+7500+0.25q

Q: Can you help me with this question for my homework

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Q: Solve the triangle if possible B=57 degree a=11 b=10

A: given  B=57°b=10a=11

Q: What transformations to the graph of y = x'are made when the following equation is graphed? y = -(3x...

A: Given function is: y=x3 And the transformed equation is: y=-3x-63+4  

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A: For the given  initial guesses  x0= 0, y0 =1 5x2-y2=2 5x-2y2=-6

Q: What's a parameterized version of the curve given by y - 3 = x + sin x? A. y = -3t, x = y+ sin t OB....

A: The equation of the curve is y-3=x+sin x. That is, the equation can be rewritten as, y=x+sin x+3.

Q: I only need (b) part of the question. thx

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Q: Find fogoh. f(x) = 3x – 1, g(x) = sin(x), h(x) = x2 %3D

A: Given function: fx=3x-1......(1)gx=sinx......(2)hx=x2......(3) The objective is to find fogoh  

Q: b

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Q: t. Find f' (x) = lim,→0 f(x+h)-f(x) for f (x) = Vax

A: We have to find the derivative of given function using first principle of differentiation.

Q: 1 The function value for f( x ) 2 is: at x = x²+x+1 1/8 1/7 1/5 1/4 7 none of the above

A: To find the value of f(x) at x=2

Q: Find the degree, leading coefficient, and the constant term of the polynomial. f(x) = 1 – 5a – 3x - ...

A: Find the degree,leading coefficient and the constant term of the polynomial.   fx=1-5x4-3x5-4x

Q: Vx+12-4 3. Confirm your result in the problem 2 by evaluating lim X-4 algebraically. x-4

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Q: Determine the derivatives of the following functions. (1) f(x) = 4x/x+ Vx S(«) = cos (eva 3 (ii) tan...

A: Part i,Given,          fx=4xx+x

Q: what is 20% of 5

A: Given number is 5. The Objective is to find the 20% of 5.

Q: Find tbe area of a triangle ABC a=10 b=6 C=50 degree

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Q: Given the function P(z) = (x – 2)( + 4), find its y-intercept is its z-intercepts are 1 = and r3 = w...

A: Given function P(x)=x(x-2)(x+4)

Q: Consider the following table of data: 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.4 f (x) 1 3 11 18 27 40 56 a) Use se...

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Q: calculate the following integral | coszd(|sinx|)

A: Evaluate: ∫-ππcosxdsinx

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A: Given, bakery is less than 4miles from safeway and atleast 3miles from giant. now region of location...

Q: Find a vector a with representation given by the directed line segment  AB. A(−3, 1),    B(3, 2)

A: To find the vector represented Given by the given by the line segment