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9. Please show TI 84 steps

Ho: u= 16.2
Hai u< 16.2
Test the hypothesis
on the following data: 12, 15, 16, 10, 21, 23.
Use a = 16.

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Ho: u= 16.2 Hai u< 16.2 Test the hypothesis on the following data: 12, 15, 16, 10, 21, 23. 9. Use a = 16.


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Step 1

Given data

The null hypothesis is:

Hµ = 16.2

The alternative hypothesis is:

H1 :  µ   <  16.2


12, 15 , 16 ,10 , 21 , 23

Sample mean = 16.167

Sample standard deviation


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6 126.833 5.0365 S = 5 1 п — 1

Step 2

Sample size n < 30 and population standard deviation is unknown, we will use one sample t-test

Steps to perform one-sample t-test in TI-84

Go to STAT -> Edit->Enter all the 6 observation in it and press enter-> then go ...


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T-Test InFt Lat Stats 16.2 List L1 Freq: 1 T-Test 16.2 t.0162114802 p=. 4938463371 X16.16666667 Sx 5.036533199 n-6 Calculate Draw


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