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horizontal gene transfer

Explain why the rapid acquisition of antibiotic resistance by bacterial pathogens is associated with growth in biofilms or growth in the presence of bacteriophages.

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Biofilms are microbial communities that adhere to biotic or abiotic surfaces, with their cells encased in self-produced matrix. Bacteria that attach to a surface and grow as a biofilm are protected from killing by antibiotics. Thus, biofilm cells are much less susceptible to antimicrobial agents.

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When the bacterial pathogens rapidly acquire the antibiotic resistance, the colony gets transformed and derive new antibiotic resistance diversity. As a result, the entire bacterial colony becomes competent and therefore, follow a synchronous pattern via quorum sensing. The faster the colony will acquire the resistance, the more will be their growth in the biofilms or growth in presence of bacteriophages. The increased resistance of biofilms to antib...

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