How can I solve for X in.


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Q: Nine ounces of an insecticide are mixed with 15 gal of water to make a spray for spraying an orange ...

A: Let x ounces of the insecticide are needed.

Q: Factor: ​f(x) = 2x^2 +​ (-5 - 2​i) x^2 +​ (-4 - i) x + (3 + i​) into linear factors if "3+i" is a ze...

A: We will use synthetic division to find the other factor. Quotient = 2x^2+x-1 and remainder = 0 

Q: Graph the solution set for the of linear inequalities  x+y<4 y>x y>-3

A: Make table for the auxiliary equations. 

Q: If a and h are real numbers, find the following values for the given function. f(x) = 5x − 6 1) f(a)...

A: Plug a and h in place of x to find f(a) and f(h).Answer(1): f(a)+f(h)=5a+5h-12

Q: Identify any​ vertical, horizontal, or oblique asymptotes in the graph of y=​f(x). State the domain ...

A: From the given figure there is a vertical asymptote is

Q: The exponential model A 258.3e0.0161 describes the population, A, of a country in millions, t years ...

A: In the year 2003 t=0. Hence population in year 2003 was 

Q: Please solve and show the steps.

A: Subtract 5/x from both sides.

Q: Two​ joggers, one averaging 6 mph and one averaging 5 mph, start from a designated initial point. Th...

A: Given:Two joggers, one averaging 6 mph and one averaging 5 mph, start from a designated initial poin...

Q: Given that g(x) = -2xˆ2 + 8x -4 / xˆ2 + 2 a) Identify the horizontal asymptotes (if any)? b) If the ...

A: Refer to the question we have to find the horizontal asymptote for the provided function as,