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How do you find the weight percentage of Mg in Mg(OH)2, Mg3N2, and MgO?


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Step 1

Percent by mass or percent by weight refers to the total mass of the one component divided by the mass of the solution.

Step 2

Firstly, the mass of the given component is divided by the mass of one mole of the given compound and then the resultant fraction is multiplied by 100.

Therefore, the percent by weight can be find as follows:


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Weight% or mass% Mass of element yx100 Mass of compound

Step 3

First compound is given to be Mg (OH)2. Its molar...


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Molar mass of Mg 24.305 u Molar mass of O= 15.999 u Molar mass of H- 1.00 u Molar mass of Mg(OH)2=(24.305 u)+2(15.999 u+1.00 u) =58.305 u 24.305 u Weight % of Mg 8.305 u x100 41.68


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