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how many grams of N are needed to combine with O to make 250 g of N2O4? 


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Step 1

The number of moles of a species is calculated by expression (1), in which, n is the number of moles, m is the mass, and M is the molar mass of the species.


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(1) n М

Step 2

The number of moles of N2O4 is calculated by using equation (1).

250 g
92.01 g/mol
=2.72 mol

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250 g 92.01 g/mol =2.72 mol

Step 3

One molecule of N2O4 contains two nitrogen atoms which means that the number of moles of N atoms is twice the number of moles of N2O...

5.44 mol
14.01 g/mol
m 76.21 g

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5.44 mol 14.01 g/mol m 76.21 g


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