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How many grams of water (18.02 g/mol) would contain 6.54x10^24 hydrogen atoms?


How many grams of water (18.02 g/mol) would contain 6.54x10^24 hydrogen atoms?

Step 1

Given :

Molar mass of water = 18.02 g/mol

Number of H-atoms = 6.54 x 1024

We need to calculate the grams of water containing the given number of H- atoms.

Step 2

As per the molecular formula (H2O),  1mole of water contains 2 N number of atoms.

N = Avogadro’s number of atoms = 6.022 X 10 23

So, 2 N atoms = 2 X  6.022 X 10 23

Hence, 1mole of water (H2O) contains 2 X  6.022 X 10 23 H-atoms.

And 1 mole of water = 18.02 g

So,18 g of water con...

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