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How many liters of a 3.85 M K2SO4 solution are needed to provide 95.4 g of K2SO4(molar mass 174.01 g/mol)? Recall that M is equivalent to mol/L.
Express your answer to three significant figures.

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Step 1

The molarity of the solution is given as 3.85 M K2SO4 and it is required to calculate the volume. To calculate, first it is required to calculate the number of moles in 95.4 g of K2SO4.


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Mass No. of moles Molecular Mass 95.4 g No. of moles 174.01 g/mol No. of moles 0.548 mols

Step 2

Now, the molarity of the so...


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Number of moles Molarity Volume Substituting the values, 0.548 mol 3.85 mol/L Volume Volume 0.142 L


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