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How much energy is lost when 50 g of iron cools from 45°C to 15°C? (specific heat capacity of iron = 460 Jkg-1K-1)


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Step 1

The relation between the amount of heat gained or lost (q) by a metal in a chemical process and the specific heat (s) of metal is given in expression (1). In this expression, m is the mass of the metal, s is the specific heat, T1 is the final temperature, and T2 is the final temperature.

q ms(T-T)

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q ms(T-T) (1)

Step 2

The specific heat capacity of iron can be converted into J/g0C as,

1 J/kgK 0.001 J/g°C
460 J/kgK 0.001x 460 J/g°C
0.460 J/g°C

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1 J/kgK 0.001 J/g°C 460 J/kgK 0.001x 460 J/g°C 0.460 J/g°C

Step 3

The amount of heat released by iron is ...

q50 gx 0.460 J/g°C(15-45) °C
=-690 J

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q50 gx 0.460 J/g°C(15-45) °C =-690 J


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