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If the heat of combustion for a specific compound is −1040.0 kJ/mol and its molar mass is 70.57 g/mol, how many grams of this compound must you burn to release 417.10 kJ of heat?

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Step 1

The given heat of combustion of compound is -1040.0 kJ/mol. The negative sign suggests that heat is released. Convert heat of combustion from kJ/mol to kJ/g by dividing with molar mass of the compound as shown below.

1040.0 kJ/mol
70.57 g/mol
14.74 kJ/g

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1040.0 kJ/mol AH comb 70.57 g/mol 14.74 kJ/g

Step 2

The mass of the compound that should undergo complete combustion ...

m 417.10kJx
28.3 g

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1g m 417.10kJx 14.74kJ 28.3 g


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