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Illustrate a venn diagram for ( D U E) c (intersection, upside down U) F

sets: D ( b,a,c,k).      E (t,a,s,k).   F (b,a,t,h)



Expert Answer

Step 1

Given sets are

D= {b, a, c, k}

E= {t, a, s, k}

F= {b, a, t, h}

Universal set U is = {a, b, c, h, k, s, t}

Step 2

Now, (D U E) C...


Image Transcriptionclose

(DUE) -U-(DUE) (DUE)={b,a,c.k}U{t.a,s,k} {a,b,c,k,s,t} (DUE)={a,b,c.h.k,s,t}-{a,b,c,k,s,t}={h}


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