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In the fruit fly, Drosophila, eye color is a sex-linked recessive trait located on the X chromosome. Red eyes are dominant over white eyes. If a heterozygous female breeds with a white-eyed male, what percentage of the offspring are expected to have red eyes?

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Inheritance is the process of transmitting the traits from parent to offspring. Traits of an organism are controlled by genes (small segment on DNA) which have two or more contrasting pairs known as allele.

Step 2

X-linked genes are present on X chromosome (one of the sex chromosomes in humans) and X-linked recessive traits are the genes present on the X-chromosomes and causes disease when present in homozygous (both the alleles of the genes are same) condition in females (because females have ‘XX’ chromosomes) and if the X-chromosome with the recessive gene is present in males, that male will be affected (because males has ‘XY’ chromosomes).

Step 3

In the given question, the trait under consideration (eye color) have its gene present on X-chromosome and is X-linked recessive trait. The dominant trait is red color (XR) and the recess...

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