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In the industnal synthesis of acctic acid,methanol is reacted with carbon monoxide.How many moles of CO are required to produce  16.6 moles of acetic acid? CH3OH + CO -> CH3COOH


In the industnal synthesis of acctic acid,
methanol is reacted with carbon monoxide.
How many moles of CO are required to produce  16.6 moles of acetic acid? 


Step 1

Acetic acid synthesized from methanol and CO by industrial process.

Moles of acetic acid are 16.6 moles.

Molecular weight of acetic acid is 60.052 g/mol.

The molecular mass of CO is 28.01 g/mol.

Step 2

The required moles CO can be calculated as

Both Carbon monoxide and acetic acid is 1:1 mole ratio.

1 mole CO + 1 mole ...

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