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In the motion picture It Happened One Night (Columbia Pictures,
1934), Clark Gable is standing inside a stationary bus in
front of Claudette Colbert, who is seated. The bus suddenly
starts moving forward and Clark falls into Claudette’s lap. Why
did this happen?


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According to the Newton's first law of motion, a body remains in motion until unless some external force is not opposing it, or the body will remain in rest until unless some external force is not applied on it to cause it in motion.

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The bus is initially at rest, the person Clark Gable is standing in the stationary bus. When the bus started moving in the forward direction Clark Gable fall on the lap of Claudette Colbert, who is seated in a bus. This situation arises due to the phenomenon of inertia. As initially when the bus is standing the Clark Gable is in a stationary position relative to the bus, but when the bus start moving forward the upper part of the Clark Gable will be at rest whereas the lower part of him will be in motion due to the direct contact through the bus floor. Therefore, Clark Gable falls backward into the lap of Claudette Colber, who is sitting behind Clark Gable.


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