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Indicate whether the expression defines a polynomial function.

P(x) = −x2 + 2x + 7

If it is a polynomial function, identify the following. (If it is not a polynomial function, enter DNE for all three answers.)

(a) Identify the leading coefficient.

(b) Identify the constant term.

(c) State the degree.

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Step 1



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Step 2

Polynomial: A polynomial is an expression which can be written in the following form:



Where, each real number ai is called a coefficient of polynomial. The number a0​​ which is a variable free is called a constant. The highest power of the variable which occurs in the polynomial is called the degree of that polynomial. The term with the highest power is called leading term, and its coefficient is called the leading coefficient of polynomial.

Step 3

From the definition of polynomial stated earlier it can be concluded that...


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Since Leading term of the given polynomial is : -x2 Hence: The leading coefficient is : -1


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