Asked Dec 21, 2019

Is it worth for companies to invest in employee motivation? Explain your answer.


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Yes, from an individual point of view, it is totally worth to invest in the employees' motivation. Employees have considered the backbone of the organizations; no organization can imagine their future by ignoring the needs and demands of the employees. Organizations should go beyond to analyze the needs and demands of their employees, and whatever their employees are looking for must deliver on it. Employees' motivation also motivates the employees to contribute 100 % in the growth, development, and success of the organization. The world’s best organizations understand the employee's needs and always try to fulfill their employee’s demands. Organizations nowadays understand that investing in employees is a great business opportunity.

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In this globalized world, every organization wants to hire the best possible talent in their organization. Investing in an employee's motivation will bring wide corporate opportunities. Companies do not have to invest a billion dollars to implement such fac...

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