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It is believed that​ 67.3% of Americans own their own homes. Suppose a sample of 50 Americans were selected.
​c) Find the probability that the sample selected has more than​ 70% of the Americans that are homewoners. 
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Step 1


X be random variable that shows the number of people who has their own home which follows binomial distribution. That is,


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Step 2

Since, sample size is large enough (n>30) therefore x follows normal distribution that is normal approximation of binomial.

Here, x represents the sample...

L= nxp
= 50 x 0.673
= 33.6
50(0.673) (1-0.673)
= 3.3

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L= nxp = 50 x 0.673 = 33.6 mp(1-p) 50(0.673) (1-0.673) = 3.3


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