Find the limit L. 

lim (x2 + 6)
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Q: The number line below shows a value on a log scale. log(x) + -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 What is the ...

A: The number line is shown in figure. Here numbers are after taken log 

Q: Please help me with the question in the image attachment.

A: Integrate

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A: Given triangle is right triangle.

Q: Differentiate the following functions using logarithmic differentiation. 1. y = (2x + 1)š(3x – 4)

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Q: Third equation + ta + = 0 First degree Second degree

A: The given equation is xzx2+tzt+z2=0. Note that highest order derivative used here is 1.  

Q: Show that if p is a positive integer, then the binomialseries for f(x) = (1 + x) p is a polynomial.

A: The binomial expansion is given as 1+xn=1+nC1x+nC2x2+nC3x3+.....nCnxn  

Q: Explain why the function is discontinuous at the given number a. Sketch the graph of the function. a...

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A: LineFind the slope–intercept form of the equation of the line containing the points (-2,4) and .(6,8...

Q: Complete the square and find the minimum or maximum value of the quadratic function. y = −9x2 + x

A: A parabola with equation of the form y=a(x-h)2+k has vertex at (h,k) and opens up or down. If it ope...

Q: Determine which reduced fractions have a repeating decimal of theform . . . , where a = 0, 1, ...

A: Given, Repeating decimal of form where a=1,2,...,9

Q: Compute without using a calculator. sec−1(sec 3π)

A: Given: sec−1(sec 3π)

Q: find the characteristic polynomial of the matrix.

A: Topic-matrix

Q: 97. Let f(x) = ax² + bx + c, where a, b, and e are odd integers. If x is an integer, show that f(x) ...

A: An odd integer is an integer of the form 2m+1 where m is an integer. An even integer is an integer o...

Q: Q3\ Find the derivative of the following f(x) = x-1 %3D

A: To find the derivative

Q: Use either direct or limit comparison test to find out whether the following series converge or dive...

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Q: Find the Difference Quotient of a Function

A: The difference quotient of the function f(x) is given as follows: f(x+h)-f(x)h Steps to find differe...

Q: Find the exact solution of each equation. 4sin-1x=π.

A: Given 4sin-1x=π

Q: Find the derivative of g(t) = tan (5 - sin 2t).

A: We need to find the derivative of g(t) = tan (5 - sin 2t).

Q: Question 1. Let f(x) = x²sin a) Find a function g(x) such that -g(x) <f(x) < g(x) for all real numbe...

A: a) We know that:  -1≤sinθ≤1  Using this idea we can say: -1≤sin1x≤1or, -x2≤x2sin1x≤x2 This shows tha...

Q: By Laplace transformation, solve the "IVP" y''+y={0, 2, 0, (t&lt;3, 3&lt;t&lt;4, t&gt;4), (y(0)=0, y...

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Q: d/dx(2x7 - x5 + 8)

A: Consider 2x7-x5+8.

Q: 6. Rewrite over a common denominator: 1 /1 - cos v + 1/ 1 + cos v

A: We have given 11-cosv+11+cosv Then, 11-cosv+11+cosv=1+cosv+1-cosv1-cosv1+cosv=21-cos2v=2sin2v

Q: Find the equation of the hyperbola with vertices at (- 2, 0) and (2, 0) and a focus at (4, 0)

A: Given the hyperbola with vertices at (- 2, 0) and (2, 0) and a focus at (4, 0)

Q: IB1(a): Find the value of k that makes function continuous at z = 4 2x + 6 ¤ > 4 5x – k ¤< 4 f(x) = ...

A: B1(a)To find the value of k that makes function continuous at x=4fx=2x+6x&gt;45x-kx≤4B1(b)To solve t...

Q: Determine the amplitude and period of each function without graphing. y = 3 cos x

A: Given: y=3 cos(x)

Q: If y(s)=1/(s2-3s+2) , and y(t)=L-1(y(s)) , then y(1)=? (a) e2-e (b) e-e2 (c) e3-e2 (d) e2-e3 (e) e

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Q: Funding a College Education A child’s grandparentspurchase a $10,000 bond fund that matures in 18 ye...

A: Given;          Principal (P) = $10,000          Time (t) = 18 years           Rate (r) = 4 %       ...

Q: Establish each identity given in attachment.

A: 1+tan v1-tan v=cot v+1cot v-1

Q: Please help me with the question in the image attachment.

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Q: find an equation of the tangent line at the point indicated. s(t) = ln(8 − 4t), t = 1

A: Given: s(t)=ln(8−4t)t=1

Q: The antiderivative of the function 6 f(x) = .1+ 11æ³ is. %3D 2

A: The function is given by fx = 62·1+11x3 To evaluate : The antiderivative of the function

Q: Find the area of the region bounded by the curves y = x ^ 3 - 12x, y = x ^ 2.

A: y = x ^ 3 - 12x, y = x ^ 2.

Q: Question 2. Let f(x) = 2x - 5. It is given that lim f (x) = 1. x-3 Complete the following proof usin...

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Q: In Problem,find the inverse of each one-to-one function.State the domain and the range of each inver...

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Q: Find the limit. 11ry lim (2, y) (0,0) x2 + y? The limit is O The limit does not exist.

A: For a two-variable function, its limit as (x,y)→(a,b) will exist if and only if the limit lim(x,y)→(...

Q: 1. Evaluate the triple integral // defined by the inequalities 0 <r < T, 0<yS1,0< z <7/6. xy sin (yz...

A: From the given problem: ∫∫∫xysinyzdV Regions are: 0≤x≤π ; 0≤y≤1 ; 0≤z≤π6   So, we can write as: ∫∫∫x...

Q: Write the derivatives of these four functions: a) ​7 log8(x)​​​​​​​ b)​3ex c)​5(16x)​​​​​​​​ d) ​...

A: Since you have asked multiple question, we will solve the first 3 question for you. If youwant any s...

Q: Evaluate the iterated integral.

A: ∫01∫02 x+4y3 dx dy

Q: 12 The Langent line to the Uine Loe the graph of 4= is faralled k the line f-7 al the Painks Int ref...

A: The equation of the graph is given by y = lnxx The equation of the line is given by y = 7 To evaluat...

Q: write the inequality in the form a&lt;x&lt;b. |3x − 4| &lt; 5

A: The solution to the inequality of the form |x|&lt;a is of the form -a&lt;x&lt;a. Similarly, the ineq...

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lim (x2 + 6) x→4