List the different combinations of heads and tails that can occur when a penny and a nickel are flipped.

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Q: Find the solution to the given initial value problem. 4y"-12y'+9y=0, y(0)=0, y'(0)=1

A: The given initial value problem is y"-12y’+9y=0 with initial condition y(0)=0 and y’(0)=1.

Q: Pls explain to me step by step and write clearly. Thanks a lot

A: Rewrite the given nonlinear two dimensional system as follows. x’ = x + y–x (x2 + y2 ) and y’ = – x ...

Q: 16. Does this graph have an Eulerian circuit? If not, why not? If so, list one. List a Hamiltonian c...

A: To investigate the given graph for the required circuit  properties

Q: 0, 2 is defined by A natural cubic spline S on 5. So()12x - 0 if 1 (1) S(r)2b(x1)c(x - 1)2d(x - 1) i...

A: 5.Note that, the natural cubic spline must satisfy the conditions

Q: Consider the Linear programming below: Max 3x1+2x2 subject to  2x1+x2>=6 x1>=2 x1,x2>=0 Det...

A: Consider the Linear programming below:Max.  3x1+2x2Subject to 

Q: How to Solve Truth Table ?

A: To discuss when the statement p or q implies the statement r.

Q: Prove that N ≈ O*, where N is the set of natural numbers, and O* is the set of positive odd integers...

A: To prove:

Q: the book is "First Course on Fuzzy Theory and Applications"

A: The formula to compute the membership fuctions is as follows.

Q: 2. Let f and g be continous mappings on a metric space X into a metric space Y and E be a dense subs...

A: Note: As per rules, the three questions 2(a), 2(b) and 3(a) are solved. The problems concern behavio...