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Q: a) Solve by completing the square and applying the square root property. 3x(x -3) = 6 - 2x b)Solve b...

A: Since you have submitted two questions, we\'ll answer the first question. For the second question pl...

Q: Determine the vertical asymptotes of the graph of the function. f(x) = x + 1 / 5xˆ2 - 21x + 4

A: Given,

Q: MAT150 Unit 3 Review Find f(x) for the following functions: need to show f(g(x)) = g(f(x)) = x no 46...

A: Refer to the question as you have send me multiple questions so according to the code of conduct I w...

Q: please solve and show your work

A: Given fraction is,  

Q: Graph the solution set for the linear inequalities  x+y>6 2x-y<6

A: Draw the line equations as shown below.

Q: Number 24 .  How do I graph this equation? Do I just pick three points?

A: To draw the graph of the below equation.

Q: Write each fraction in terms of the LCM of the denominators. 5x x2 − 49 ,  x − 1 7x −...

A: Given the fractions,

Q: 14.7e-0.21x 4) The formula P the average atmospheric pressure, P, in gives pounds per square inch, a...

A: Given that

Q: f(x)=(x-3)^2-1 find the x-intercepts

A: To find x intercepts we have to plug f(x)=0 

Q: Solve the following systems of equations by graphing -2x+4y=12 y=1/2x

A: Given equation is

Q: Write each fraction in terms of the LCM of the denominators. 5x x2 − 49 ,  x − 1 7x −...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Graph the solution set for the system of linear inequalities. x+y<2 x>0 y>0

A: Graph the solution set for the system of linear inequalities

Q: please solve and show your work

A: Consider the given problem to be solved:

Q: A support wire is attached to a flagpole to keep it vertical. The wire runs from the top of the poll...

A: Firstly we need to draw a right-angled triangle and name its side according to the given data in que...

Q: A ball is thrown vertically upward with an initial velocity of 80 feet per second. The distance s (i...

A: Given:A ball is thrown vertically upward with an initial velocity of 80 feet per second. The distanc...

Q: solve the inequality. except for the empty set, express the solution set in both set builder and int...

A: From 3x+3 ≥-3 find x.subtract 3, then divide by 3.x≥-2

Q: 5. Consider the function f(x) = 2x-5x+12. Evaluate and SIMPLIFY each of the following expressions an...

A: Consider the below function

Q: Solve the following systems of equations by using the addition (elimination) method. x-3y=2 and -5x+...

A: Writing the equations:

Q: please solve and show your work

A: It is known that, the solutions of the equation

Q: A number is 12 more than a second number. Double the sum of the two numbers is 144. Find the two num...

A: Given: -

Q: Solve the system by elimination. First, clear the denominators.  7x/2 + 7y/3 = 161/6 x/4 + y/3 = 37/...

A: The given equations are,

Q: How do you solve this?

A: Click to see the answer

Q: please solve and show your work

A: To factor 

Q: I want to know how to find the range and y intersept for 6+y=0

A: Consider the given equation.6 + y = 0

Q: Can  you please help me with the following question?   Please solve the three variables for this sys...

A: Solving by substitution method.The given system of equations is

Q: If an object is propelled upward from a height of 48 feet at an initial velocity of 96 feet per seco...

A: given that.

Q: Solve for x. Enter your answer as a decimal rounded to the nearest tenth. -2x + 1 = 2/5

A: Subtract 1. Subtract using LCD. 

Q: Solve the system  x+y+z=-7 2x-y-3z=7 2x+2y-2z=-2

A: It is given that the systems of equations are,

Q: Did I do this page correctly, if not, how would I complete 11 and 12?

A: Refer to the question we have been provided with the graph in the in question 9 as

Q: I've asked similar questions like this, and I keep on getting it wrong, I even asked a tutor here an...

A: Exponential growth formula:

Q: Solve the following system of equations: y235 y=x2-5

A: Given:

Q: Determine the vertical asymptote(s), horizontal or slope asymptote, x-intercept(s), y-intercept, and...

A: The function is given by

Q: b/b^2+10/b^2-5b-36

A: Given:

Q: 78.

A: Given the functions are

Q: How do I solve this?

A: Consider the given parabola

Q: Two machines fill cereal boxes at the same rate. After the two machines work together for 4 h, one m...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: Use the simple interest formula to determine the missing value. p=​?, r=6​%, t=9 ​months, i=​$108p=​...

A: We know that if p is total principal, r is rate of interest per year and t is total time in years, t...

Q: How do I solve these equations? And how do I determine what type of solutions they are?

A: Solve the given equations. To solve the given equation , factor the left hand side. Product is +9 an...

Q: A rectangle has a perimeter of 36. The length is three more than the width. Find the length and the ...

A: Let ‘x’ be a breadth of the rectangle.Then, the length of the rectangle = 3x

Q: please solve it and show your work

A: Given:

Q: Find the inverse of the function. f(x) =  5x + 1 6 − 5x

A: Click to see the answer