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methanol (CH3OH) can be synthesized by the reaction: CO (g) + H2 (g) = CH3OH (g). What volume, in liters, of hydrogen gas, at a temperature of 82 degrees celcius and a pressure of 738 mmHg, do we need to synthesize 35.7 g of methanol


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Step 1

Calculate the number of moles of methanol synthesized

Mass of methanol = 35.7 g

Molar mass of methanol = 32 g/mole

No. of moles of methanol =  (Mass/molar mass)= n=

Step 2

The balanced reaction of methanol from the hydrogen and carbon monoxide is as


Step 3

Calculate the no. of moles of Hydrogen gas used for the synthesis of 1.115 mole of methanol

From the reaction 2 moles of Hydrgen gas used = 1.0 mole...

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