perform the indicated operations and then simplify. 30x5y4/15x2y

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A: Given: A function fx=2x-4. To find the inverse of fx=2x-4, substitue fx=y and then swap x and y. fx=...

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A: Given 2x+1=5 and a, b are the solutions.

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A: We have to find the equation of line that is passea through the point (-4,5) and slope is -1 

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A: Find the value of the X with the property of the circle

Q: express each rational number in simplest form. -30/-42

A: First, factors 30 and 42.  30=2×3×542=2×3×7 Simplify rational number -30-42. -30-42=3042=2×3×52×3×7

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A: A compound statement contains at least one simple statement as its component and connectives.

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A: Cost price =$430 tax=8.60 Sales tax rate =taxcost price* 100 %

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A: A game is fair when its expected value is zero.

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Q: Here are a lot of equations. For each one, use what you know about division to identify values of x ...

A: Given: x2+x-6x-2=5

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Q: Mr. Montes is writing a short, three-question, true or false quiz for his Algebra 2 classes. He had ...

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Q: A mapping is onto if and only if its codomain and rangear e equal.

A: Onto function: A function f:A→B is called a "surjective" or "onto" if the range of function is equal...

Q: 1 dx Evaluate -Ln(x)

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Q: Owen made 60% of the shots he attempted during his hockey practice. He made 18 shots. How many shots...

A: No of shots attempted=18

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A: Concept used: The product of the two matrices is only possible if the number of column of the first ...

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A: We will use substitution to solve these equations

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A: Given: