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What are the errors in the following code?

Poblic class Has Errors
Poblic static void mainO;
n ain
Sqstem.out. print (piease coter tuvo numbers:)
X n.readDooble
y : in. read Double,

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Poblic class Has Errors Poblic static void mainO; n ain Sqstem.out. print (piease coter tuvo numbers:) X n.readDooble y : in. read Double,


Expert Answer

Step 1

Given below are the errors found in the code send by you along with an error free code.

Step 2

First of all, you need to use; to import any class in java. Then we need to write String [] args inside public static void main and it should not be closed with semicolon. Next error is that to print any statement, we need to write that statement in double quotes “Please enter two numbers: ”. After this we need to create new Scanner instance that will point to the input stream passed as argument with Scanner in=new...

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