proof trigonometry identities


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Q: Need help in solving problem. Dont understand how to do it

A: linear algebraic expression.

Q: In a right triangle ABC, find the value of angle A if the opposite side is 18 and the hypotenuseif 4...

A: According to the given information, the figure that can be drawn is:

Q: The question asks for the exact value of the trigonometric function at the given real number:   tan(...

A: Given expression can be written as,

Q: Find the coordinates of the point P at an angle of 225 degrees on a circle of radius 2.7. Round your...

A: Given,          The point P at an angle of 225 degrees on a circle of radius 2.7

Q: Find the value of the sum. cos(285°) cos(165°)

A: The given trigonometric expression is

Q: photo attached

A: Given,

Q: Use an Addition or Subtraction Formula to simplify the equation. cos θ cos 2θ + sin θ sin 2θ = squa...

A: Given,

Q: 3. sin(x +y) + sin(x - y) = 2 sin x cos y

A: The given identity

Q: Using the graph below, find values for the radius r, the angle theta in radians and in degrees, and ...

A: The graph meets the x-axis at (11,0) 

Q: see attachment

A: Given:

Q: see attachment

A: Consider the given equation.

Q: see attached

A: From the given information,

Q: Given t = 1.25 is a solution to tan t = 3, use the period of the function to name three additional s...

A: Refer to the question , with the use of the period of the function we have to name three additional ...

Q: write the following in terms of x without trig or inverse trig functions and simplify. In each case,...

A: Given, 

Q: Use the given information to find each of the following. 1 with 0 x< 4 1. cos given cos x = 2' 2

A: Since x is in 0 to pi/2 So x/2 will be in 0 to pi/4.So x/2 is in first quadrant. So cos(x/2) will be...

Q: Write the expression in terms of sine and cosine, and simplify so that no quotients appear in the fi...

A: Given,

Q: Find all values of 0, if e is in the interval [0°, 360°) and has the given function value. csc 0 2 (...

A: Given Equation is

Q: Solve the given equation.  cos(2θ) = cos2(θ) − 1/2

A: Use the double angle formula as follows.

Q: Write the given expression as an algebraic expression in x cos(2 tan−1(x))

A: Given:

Q: see attachment

A: Given:

Q: I could use some assistance finding the horizontal shift of this equation with steps.   Thanks much.

A: Given equation is

Q: see attached

A: Given,

Q: Use an Addition or Subtraction Formula to simplify the equation 1 cos(0) cos(20) sin(0) sin(20) 2 Fi...

A: We will use cosA*cosB+sinA*sinB= cos(A-B)Where A=2theta and B=thetaSo, A-B=2theta - theta =  thetaAn...

Q: Find the exact value without using a calculator: sin 5pie/3

A: To determine the value of given trigonometric function.

Q: Find sin θ if cot θ = - 2 and cos θ &lt; 0.

A: To determine the value of sin(θ).

Q: A rectangular strip of paper of width 4 inches is folded on the dashed line. See the diagram. Certai...

A: To prove the required equality of angles using the diagram 

Q: simplify the exact value of cot(1/2 tan^-1 2). Assume x&gt;0, rationalize denominators.

A: Consider the given question as 2 cases.

Q: I could use help on this question.   Thanks much.

A: Known facts:

Q: The question is shown in the image.

A: Find the angle does tangent to the curve

Q: Find the exact function value of sec (π/3)

A: Given information

Q: number 39 (sin x-1)(2sinx-1)=0 what is the turn around time on getting answers?

A: Using the zero product property make each factor = 0From sinx=1 we got x=pi/2 + 2k*piIf x is in [0,2...

Q: Hi, My homework is asking for me to express 2^8 using base e.  How do I do that?

A: Given, 

Q: Solve hw 19

A: Consider the given trigonometric equation and interval.

Q: Prove that the following identity is true. sin x tan x sin x cos x sin x - COs X cos x 2 cos x We be...

A: The given identity is

Q: Prove the identity sin) sin = COS X + x _ We begin on the left side of the equation by using Sum and...

A: We are going to prove:

Q: The following graph shows at least one complete cycle of the graph of an equation containing a trigo...

A: To find the equation of the given graph.

Q: Solving hw 15

A: Known fact:

Q: Use the cofunction identities to find an angle θ that makes the statement true.sec (6θ + 17°) = csc ...

A: The given trigonometric equation is

Q: see attachment

A:  the value of AC=?

Q: Use the identity cos alpha cos beta = 1/2[cos(a-b)+cos(a+b)] to rewrite 2cos3xcos2x as a sum of trig...

A: The given identity

Q: Using the formula ⍵=⍬/t Find ⍵ for the minute hand of a clock.

A: The minute hand rotates one full circle in 1 hour.1 full circle= 360 degree or 2pi radian1 hour= 60 ...