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Prove the identity.

sec(x/2)= 2 sec x + 2/sec x + 2 + cos x


Expert Answer

Step 1

The given equation is,


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2secx 2 x sec 2 secx 2 cos x

Step 2

Consider right hand side of the equation:


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2 2 2secx2 1 COSX secx 1 2 cos x secx + 2 + сos x cosx COsx 2 2 cosx COS x 2 1+2 cosxcos2 r (1+cos x) coSx 2(1+cosx) 2 1+2 cosrcos2 x 2cos2 2 2(1 cosx 11 (1+cos.x = sec 2

Step 3

Consider left hand side ...


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sec2 2


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