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Python 3.7.4

Given that d refers to a dictionary, change the value mapped to by the key 'Monty' to 'Python'.


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Step 1

d refers to a dictionary and if we need to change the value mapped to by the key ‘Monty’ to ‘Python’ the statement is: d["Monty"]="Python"  .

The following is the source code for changing the initial value mapped to a key Monty to Python.

Step 2

Source Code

d={"A":1,"Monty":2} # initially the value associated with key Monty is 2.

print ("Initial d  "+str(d)) # print initial value

d["Monty"]="Python"  #changing the value associated with key Monty from 2 to Python

print ("Final d  "+str(d))   # print the final output


Step 3

Screenshot of the code...


Image Transcriptionclose

d=("A":1, "Monty" : 2} # initially the value associated with key Monty is 2 print ("Initial d "+str(d)) # print initial value d["Monty""Python" #changing the value of ket Monty from 2 to Python print ("Final d "+str(d)) #print the final output


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