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Which is/are the second-most-stable conformer(s) on your list? These are the options to the question I attached below.


A. both 3 & 5


B.  both 1 & 4


C.  2 only 


D.  6 only

Order the following conformers from most stable to least stable.
Η "Η

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QUESTION 1 Order the following conformers from most stable to least stable. CH Η "Η 2 CH


Expert Answer

Step 1

The order of stability of different conformations is:

6 > 3 and 5 > 1 and 4 > 2

Step 2

Conformation 6 is the most stable because the two methyl groups are positioned opposite to each other and thus the steric repulsion is minimum in this conformation.

Step 3

Conformations 3 and 5 are gauche conformations, in w...

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