Reading To measure progress in reading ability, students
at an elementary school take a reading comprehension test
every year. Scores are measured in “grade-level” units;
that is, a score of 4.2 means that a student is reading at
slightly above the expected level for a fourth grader. The
school principal prepares a report to parents that includes
a graph showing the mean reading score for each grade. In
his comments he points out that the strong positive trend
demonstrates the success of the school’s reading program.

a) Does this graph indicate that students are making
satisfactory progress in reading? Explain.
b) What would you estimate the correlation between
Grade and Average Reading Level to be?
c) If, instead of this plot showing average reading levels,
the principal had produced a scatterplot of the reading
levels of all the individual students, would you expect
the correlation to be the same, higher, or lower? Explain.
d) Although the principal did not do a regression analy-
sis, someone as statistically astute as you might do
that. (But don’t bother.) What value of the slope of
that line would you view as demonstrating acceptable
progress in reading comprehension? Explain.
Reading Progress
AO 5 ¢ M 2 -O
Avg. Reading Level

Image Transcription

Reading Progress 1 3 4 Grade 6, 2. AO 5 ¢ M 2 -O Avg. Reading Level

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