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REPAIR and REPLACEMENT are terms that describe events characteristic of which of the processes of living things?

a. Responsiveness

b. reproduction.



e.none of these


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Step 1

Living things include certain characteristics that differentiate them from non-living things. The characteristics like metabolism, reproduction, self-replicate, self-organize and growth are features of living beings. Growth in living beings is attained by the formation of new cells. Growth occurs by increasing mass and number of the individual.

The growth in multicellular organisms occurs by cell division. The process of repair and replacement occurs after any external or internal injury.

Step 2

Differentiation (Option C) is the correct answer.

Differentiation is defined as the process in which the cell changes its properties and converts into another type of cell. During any external injury to the skin, the epidermal skin cells divide and form the new cells.

Similarly, stem cells divide and form new red blood cells, if the number of red blood cells is decreased in the cell. New red blood cells are produced by differentiation and of unspecialized stem cells. Thus, differentiation is linked to growth and responsiveness.

Step 3

A is not the correct answer.

Responsiveness is the ability of a living organism to react quickly to external stimuli. Responsiveness is a type of behavior that can be due to involuntary action or immediate response to external objects. Repair and replacement are not related to the behavior of organisms; thus, the option is incorrect.

B is not the correct answer.

Reproduction is the process in which living organisms produce new individuals. It is the fundamenta...

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