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which of these following is not a property of all living organisms a. organizationb. acquisition of materials and energyc. care for their offspringd. reproductione. responding to the enviornment


which of these following is not a property of all living organisms 

a. organization

b. acquisition of materials and energy

c. care for their offspring

d. reproduction

e. responding to the enviornment

Step 1

Living organisms share some common characteristics. These include:

a. Organization

b. Acquisition and exchange of materials and energy

c. Reproduction

d. Adaptability to changing environment

e. Interaction with other living organisms

f. Response to stimuli

g. Homeostatis

Step 2

Not all living organisms show the characteristic of parental care. It is a behavioral and evolutionary strategy that is adopted by only some animals. It involves a parental investment in the evolutionary fitness of the offspring.

Hence, option (c) care for their offspring is the correct answer.

Step 3

Option (a) is given as "organization". As all living organisms are organized, organization is an important characteristic of living organisms. So, it is an incorrect option.

Option (b) is given as "acquisition of materials and energy". All living organisms need to acquire and exchange energy for their survival. So, it is an incorrect option.

Option (d) is given as "reproduction". All living organisms reproduce to ensure the continuity of their kind. It is important for the s...

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