Represent the number you would have to add to an expression of the form x2+bx to make a complete square

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Q: For the problem: f(x)=x^2+x-12/x+3 a. Find the x and y intercepts. b. Please test for symmetry: is t...

A: To find x intercept set y=0 and solve for x.Answer: x intercepts = -4 , 3

Q: Algebra Question

A: To complete the table of solutions to the linear equation.

Q: Question 27 - Letter (c)

A: To determine the time when the population of sasquatch reaches 60.

Q: Number 26 and here are the directions

A: Given,

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A: Given,

Q: write the rational expression in lowest term. xy-2x+5y-10/xy+3x+5y+15

A: Given rational expression is,  

Q: What are the blanks?

A: It is given that f (6) = 4 and f (7) = 5.So, the two points are (6,4) and (7,5).It is known that the...

Q: Sum and difference P4-256

A: Simplify the expression 

Q: Use synthetic division to decide whether the given number k is a zero of the polynomial function. If...

A: Use synthetic division to decide whether the given number k is a zero of the polynomial function. If...

Q: (x+5)2=(2x-14)2 Solve for x

A: Given equation as

Q: For the problem: f(x)= x^2+x-12/x+3 d. Find horizontal or slant asymptotes, if any. e. Graph the asy...

A: The given polynomial is,

Q: If g(t)=-9t3, evaluate g(1/3t).

A: The given function is,

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A: One and one-half ounces of a medication are required for a 180-pound adult.Consider x as the additio...

Q: Perform the row operation R, +R2 R, on the matrix below 4-5-4 1-4 7 7R1 +R2 R 4 -5-4 1-4 7 (Simplify...

A: Consider the given matrix 

Q: F(×)= the square root of x G(x) = x+9 Find (f.g)(x) (G.f)(×) (F.g)(7)

A: Given,

Q: For f(x) = x - 2 and g (x) = 2x2 - 3x - 2, state the domain of  h(x) = f(x)/g(x). Write your answer ...

A: h(x)=f(x)/g(x)Denominator can not be zero. So we try to factor the denominator.

Q: Use the relationship between rise and run to find the slope of a line from its graph Question Find t...

A: Consider the given graph, the line passing through the points (–1, 4) and (–5, –3).

Q: I need help with number 78

A: Since we only answer up to 3 sub-parts, we’ll answer the first 3. Please resubmit the question and s...

Q: rtemines 2019 Problem 8.2: Factoring Rectangles CP 8 I ? ? 9 et NG X 10. ATOR x ACULA 2 X A. Write t...

A: A.Write two expressions for the area of the shaded rectangle.

Q: Write the rational expression in lowest term. 6x+21/8x+28

A: We need to factor the numerator and denominator of the expression first.We would factor the top and ...

Q: descrbes the population, A, of a country in millions, t years after 2003. Use the model to determine...

A: To determine the year in which the population of the country will be 745 million.

Q: This problem uses the Richter scale for the strength of an earthquake. The strength, W, of the seism...

A: We are given that M=log (W/W0) and in 2013 the Khash earthquake in Iran had a Richter scale rating o...

Q: Find the point of intersection of the given pair of straight lines. y=있-1 x-6 (Type an ordered pair....

A: The given equations are,

Q: What are the blanks?

A: Given that the yearly growth factor is 1.15.

Q: eck Qu Suppose that the supply and demand equations for printed T-shirts for a particular week are g...

A: Part A 

Q: Linear algebra

A: It is given that,

Q: A rock falls from a tower that is 208 feet high. As it is falling, its height is given by the formul...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: (x+2)2=86

A: First, take under root on both sides of the equation.

Q: (322/5+32-1/5)/(32-3/5+32-1/5) I'm confused on how to do #1 in the photo attached.

A: Simplify the expression as follows.

Q: Solve the following equations by graphing    x+2y=1 2x+y=5

A: From the graph below we see point of intersection is (3,-1) 

Q: Solve the following systems of equations by graphing -2x+4y=12 y=1/2x

A: Given equation is

Q: In what way is the point marked A unusal?

A: To understand why the point A is described as unusual

Q: Sketch the graph of the quadratic function f(x)=-2x2+6x-3. On the graph, show the values of x and y ...

A: The given function is

Q: At the end circle the final answer and answer all parts of the question, I could not understand it.

A: To determine a function to represent the population of bat after t years and the percentage rate of ...

Q: write the rational exrpession in lowest term. y2-2y-15/y2-6y-27

A: Consider the given expression

Q: 21.

A: f(x) has degree = 5 (because highest exponent is 5)5 is odd .So f(x) has odd degree.

Q: Simplify each expressi all variables represen 105. 35 3-6 109. (5-3)-2

A: 1). Given,

Q: Hello I need some help with 78-f,g and h

A: f) Graphed the function and graphed the secant lines.

Q: 4 lynomials, and Polynomial Fu Exponents. Po Write with only positive ex nonzero real numbers. See -...

A: Since you have submitted two questions, we'll answer the first question. For the second question ple...

Q: Given the function f(x)=9x+4, find each of the following  F(10)=

A: To determine the value of function f(10).

Q: A rectangular piece of cardboard is a = 10 in. longer than it is wide. Squares 2 in. on a side are t...

A: Click to see the answer