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Scheduling Routes A presidential candidate plans to begin her campaign by visiting the capitals of 5 of the 50 states. If the five capitals are randomly selected without replacement, what is the probability that the route is Sacramento, Albany, Juneau, Hartford, and Bismarck, in that order?


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Step 1

Permutations Rule:

There are n different items and r number of selections and the selections are made without replacement, then the number of different permutations (order counts) is given by

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Step 2

Here, total number of states, n=50 and number of randomly selected capitals, r=5. Also, the selections are made without replacement.

Substitute 50 for n and 5 for r, then the number of different possible arrangements is

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Step 3

Let event A be denote that selecting the route in the order Sacramento, Albany, Juneau, Har...

Statistics homework question answer, step 3, image 1

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