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Solve the following system of equations. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. If there are infinitely many solutions, enter a parametric solution using t and/or s. If there is no solution, enter NONE.)

2x - 16y - 6z= 33
-4x + 32y +12z = -44

(x, y, z) =


Expert Answer

Step 1


2x - 16y - 6z= 33……………..……….(i)

-4x + 32y +12z = -44…………………(ii)

Step 2

From equatio...

2x 33 16 6z
33 16y 6
x =
Plug value of x in equation (ii)
33+16y 6Z 32y +12z =-44
-2(33 16y 6z)32y + 12z =-44
-66-32y -12z +32y +12z-44
-22 0
sytem of equation have no soluton

Image Transcriptionclose

2x 33 16 6z 33 16y 6 x = 2 Plug value of x in equation (ii) 33+16y 6Z 32y +12z =-44 -4( 2 -2(33 16y 6z)32y + 12z =-44 -66-32y -12z +32y +12z-44 -22 0 sytem of equation have no soluton


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