square root of 2 sin2x-sinx=0

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Q: How do you get the equation of the line in general form?

A: Equation of line in general form is: Ax+By+C=0Since line is parallel to line with equation: 3x-5y-6=...

Q: 3. 1+ tanx tan 2x = sec 2x s*

A: The given identity

Q: see attachment

A: The exact value is computed as follows.

Q: photo attached

A: From reciprocal property of trigonometry we know sec theta = 1/cos theta

Q: If the given angle is in standard position, find two positive coterminal angles and two negative co-...

A: a) The angle θ=620֯ in standard position.

Q: If a bicycle has 26-inch diameter wheels, the front chain drive has a radius of 4 inches, and the ba...

A: Given that the diameter of a wheel 26 inch, the front chain drive radius is 4 inches and back drive ...

Q: Solve the given equation. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let k be any integer. Round...

A: To find all the solutions (theta) of the given trigonometric equation

Q: see attached

A: We know that,

Q: The question says to confirm that the equation is an identity:   (tanx + cotx)2=sec2X + csc2X   So f...

A: Given,

Q: Prove the following identity. 3 sin 0 - 4 sin' e sin 30 We begin by writing the left side of the equ...

A: The given identity is

Q: Determine the period and all vertical asymptotes for the function.  y=cot(3x+pi)+2

A: Given:                        

Q: photo attached

A: Given information:

Q: acosa (x)+-5sin (x)-4-O

A: Consider the equation,

Q: see attachment

A: Given:

Q: see attached

A: Consider the given trigonometric equation:

Q: solve the following equation over the indicated interval. Show steps without using a calculator, and...

A: We are goign to use Pythagorean identity to simplify the expression. sin^2 theta + cos^2 theta =1 So...

Q: Prove the identity sin) sin = COS X + x _ We begin on the left side of the equation by using Sum and...

A: We are going to prove:

Q: see attachment

A: To evaluate the trigonometric ratios of twice the given angle

Q: 22 29 25 26 27 29 28 Which equation could be used to calculate the sum of the geometric series? 4 31...

A: The formula for the nth partial sum of a geometric sequence is,

Q: 이혜 .83 Complete the table with exact trigonometric function values. Do not use a calculator. Que sin...

A: theta value 30 lies in the Q1 and so all the values should be positive.

Q: The following graph shows at least one complete cycle of the graph of an equation containing a trigo...

A: Given graph resembles a cosine from π to 3π/4 with amplitude 5.

Q: The question asks for the exact value of the trigonometric function at the given real number:    sin...

A: To determine the value of given trigonometric function.

Q: If cosx=4/5,cscx<0,then: sin 2x=_____                  cos 2x=_____            tan 2x=_________ f...

A: NOTE: As you have posted question with multiple subparts, we will answer the first three questions f...

Q: Using a double-angle or half-angle formula to simplify the given expressions.(1) If cos2(37∘)−sin2(3...

A: Given equations are

Q: Find the measure of the smaller angle formed by the hands of a clock at the following time  5:25

A: Given:A clock at 5:25

Q: Two ships leave a port at the same time. The first ship sails on a bearing of 48° at 26 knots (nauti...

A: Sketch the graph for the given angle as follows.

Q: see attachment

A: Given,

Q: photo attached

A: To prove:

Q: The question asks for the exact value of the trigonometric function at the given real number:   sin5...

A: Obtain the exact value of the trigonometric function at the given number as follows:

Q: Solving home work #10

A: To express the given (trigonometric) product as a sum or diffence of sine or cosine functions

Q: Suppose that cosx=a, where x is in quadrant II. Then evaluate cos(x/2+π/4)  in terms of a.

A: Given that cosx=a, x in 2nd quardinate

Q: 2cos theda- sqrt3=0 number 19

A: We can rewrite the equation in the form 

Q: Find the exact values of the following and simplify. Indicate if an expression is undefined. Do not ...

A: Refer to the question, we have to find the value of provided expression.tan(cos^-1 (-3/4) )

Q: The equation, with a restriction on x, is the terminal side the of an angle θ in standard position. ...

A: Given the equation with a restriction on x, is the terminal side of an angle in standard position.

Q: I need help finding three to four sets of polar coordinates. And also I need to know what to add and...

A: Given points is

Q: Write the expression in terms of sine and cosine, and simplify so that no quotients appear in the fi...

A: The given expression is,

Q: The question asks for the exact value of the trigonometric function at the given real number:   sec(...

A: Given,

Q: Find the degree measures of next two positive and the previous two negative angles that are cotermin...

A: The given angle is 22 degrees.

Q: photo attached

A: The given trigonometric values are,

Q: Hw 20

A: Consider the provided equation,Let tan(x) = uSo, the given equation is written as,

Q: Use the cofunction identities to find an angle θ that makes the statement true.sin θ = cos (4θ + 60°...

A: From the given statement