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Steam enters a nozzle operating at steady state at 20 bar, 263°C, with a velocity of 52 m/s. The exit pressure and temperature are 8 bar and 162°C, respectively. The mass flow rate is 2.9 kg/s. Neglecting heat transfer and potential energy, determine the inlet area in cm2.


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Step 1

Given data,

Step 2

The steam enters at 20 bar and 263 degree Celsius. From steam table, at a pressure of 20 bar the saturated steam temperature is 214.897 degree Celsius. Therefore the steam is superheated.

At a pressure of 20 bar and 263 degree Celsius, the property of steam is,


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Specific enthalpy of superheated steam is h 2932 kJ/kg Specific volume of superheated steam is v 0.109251 m /kg

Step 3

Mass flow rate is...


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Plugging the values of m, V & v A x 52 2.9= 0.109251 АЙ, АV, 2.9x0.109251 = Ax 52 т 2 0.3168279 = A, x 52 Where is A the area and is V the velocity 0.3168279 4 АЙ 52 A 6.092844231x 103 m2 n21m2 - 10 em) A 6.092844231x 10 x 104 cm2 A 60.93 cm2


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