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suppose that 60% of all students currently enrolled at all California Community College campuses combined are female. Researchers want to do a survery, and randomly select 1000 students who are currently enrolled at CSU campuses. Let P represent the proportion of students in the sample who are female.

h) use binocdf to find the probability between 56% and 64% are female. show calculator input


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Step 1


Sample proportion (P) = 0.60%

Sample size (n)=1000

Formula used:

The formula to find the variance is:


Image Transcriptionclose

Px(1-Р) п Here, Ois variance

Step 2

The formula to find the standard deviation is:


Image Transcriptionclose

Here, is standard deviation

Step 3


Taking a normal approximation as a binomial, the sampling distribution of samp...


Image Transcriptionclose

Hp =0.60 Substitute 0.60 for P and 1000 for n to find the variance Px(1-P) 0.60x (1-0.60), 1000 =0.00024


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