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A typical column is shown in figure together with the known information for each stream. Calculate the kilograms of distillate per kilogram of feed and per kilogram of waste.

85% EtOH
15% H20
35% EtOH
65% H2O
Distillation Column
5% EtOH
95% H20

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System ooundary-J/ ndenser Distillate 85% EtOH 15% H20 Feed 35% EtOH 65% H2O Distillation Column Waste 5% EtOH 95% H20


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Step 1

Let the basis of the process be taken as 100 kg feed (F). Apply material balance on the overall process across the given system boundary. The total mass balance is given by equation (1) and the mass balance on ethanol (EtOH) is given by equation (2).

Step 2

Solve equation (1) and (2) simultaneously to get the value of D and W as:

Step 3

Now, calculate kilograms of distillate (...


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Chemical Engineering

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