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The acceleration of a car s after starting from rest is (75+10t-t2)/20 until the instant when this expression vanishes. After this instant the speed remains constant. 

A.Find the maximum acceleration

B. Time taken to attain the greatest speed

C.The greatest speed. 


Expert Answer

Step 1

(A) The acceleration of the car is maximum, when its derivative is zero.

Write the expression for the expression for derivative of acceleration


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da dt d( 75 +10t – t? dt 20 10 – 2t = 0 20 t = 5 s

Step 2

Substitute the value of time in the given acceleration expression


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75+10t – t? amax 20 /1=5s 75 +10(5 s) - (5) 20 = 4 m/s?

Step 3

When the car attains a maximum speed, its acceleration is...


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a = 0 75 +10t – t? = 0 20 -10 + (10) – 4(-1)(75) 2(-1) =-5 s or 15 s


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