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The amount of coffee that people drink per day is normally distributed with a mean of 17 ounces and a standard deviation of 7 ounces. 35 randomly selected people are surveyed. Round all answers to 4 decimal places where possible

Find the IQR for the average of 35 coffee drinkers.
Q1 =  ounces
Q3 =  ounces
IQR:  ounces

Can you show me the process on a ti84


Expert Answer

Step 1

It is given that the mean and standard deviation are 17 and 7, respectively.

By using central limit theorem,

Step 2

Here, the sample size n is 35.

The mean is 17 and the standard deviation is 1.1832 (=7/Sqrt(35)).

Since, the distribution of the population is normal. Hence, the distribution of x bar is normal and x bar follows N(17, 1.1832).

The first quartile using TI-83 is obtained as follows:

  • Enter 2nd > DISTR.
  • Choose InvNorm( .
  • Enter invNorm(0.25,17,1.1832)
  • Click Enter.

From, the output the first quartile is approximately 16.20.

Step 3

The third quartile using TI-83 is obtained as follows:

  • Enter 2nd > DISTR.
  • Choose InvNorm( .
  • Enter invNorm(0.75,17,1.1832)
  • Click Enter.

From, the output th...

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