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The cost of electricity varies widely throughout the United
States; $0.120/kWh is a typical value. At this unit price, calculate
the cost of (a) leaving a 40.0 - W porch light on for 2 weeks
while you are on vacation, (b) making a piece of dark toast in
3.00 min with a 970 - W toaster, and (c) drying a load of clothes
in 40.0 min in a 5 200 - W dryer.


Expert Answer

Step 1


Cost of electricity = $0.120 per kWh

Step 2

Calculating the cost of leaving a 40 W porch light on for 2 weeks:


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Energy consumed by the light in 2 weeks, 7days 24h lweek Iday E = Pt = (40W)x(2Weeksx- E = Pt = 13440Wh =13.44 kWwh E =13.44 kWh Cost of electricity = $0.120 per kWh $0.120 :=1.61$ Total required cost = (13.44 kWh)> 1kWh Total required cost =1.61$

Step 3

Calculating the cost of making a piece of dark toast in 3.00&n...


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Energy consumed in 3 minutes by a 970W toaster, 1h -) = 48.5Wh E = Pt = (970W)×(3minx- 60 min E= Pt = 48.5Wh = 0.0485 kWh E = 0.0485 kWh Cost of electricity = $0.120 per kWh $0.120 (0.0485 kWh)> = 0.00582$ Total required cost = 1kWh Total required cost =0.00582$


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