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The discopathy characterised by the nucleus pulposus extruding and escaping from the confines of the annulus fibrosus is:

a. A bulge

b. A herniation 

c. A prolapse

d. A slippage

e. None of these 


Expert Answer

Step 1

The vertebral column consists of intervertebral discs, which are present between the vertebral bodies. The intervertebral disc consists of nucleus pulposus (innermost region) and annular fibrosus (outermost region). The nucleus pulposus is soft and pulpy. The annular fibrosus comprises of tough fibrocartilage and protects the nucleus pulposus.

Step 2

Reason for correct answer:

The discopathy characterized by the nucleus pulposus extruding and escaping from the confines of the annulus fibrosis is a herniation.

An abnormal protrusion of tissue through an opening is termed as herniation. In this case, the herniation indicates the abnormal protrusion of the nucleus pulposus through the annulus fibrosus. It occurs when the fibrocartilage of annulus fibrosus is stressed and cracked or torn. This leads t...

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