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The enzyme that is released when raw potato is ground up is ____________. It acts upon ______________ ____________ producing ____________ and __________. 


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Enzymes are biocatalysts that enhance the rate of a chemical reaction without changing itself in the overall process. They are highly specialized proteins and they possess a high degree of specificity for their substrate. Enzymes exhibit enormous catalytic power. They lower the activation energy barrier of a reaction, thereby increasing the fraction of molecules to attain the transition state and make the reaction to go faster in both the forward and reverse directions.

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The enzyme that is released when raw potato is ground up is catalase. It acts upon hydrogen peroxide producing oxygen and water.

Catalase is an enzyme present in all living organisms. It catalyzes the decomposition reaction of hydrogen peroxide and converts it into water and oxygen. This enzyme works as a protective element for the cell from oxidat...

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