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The frequency  of crossing over between ant two linked genes is:

a. more likely if they are recessive.

b. Difficult to predict.

c. Determined by their relative dominance.

d. the same if they are not linked.

e. Proportional to the distance between them.

...Explain your answer.


Expert Answer

Step 1

The measure of genetic linkage is termed as recombination frequency, which is used in the construction of a genetic linkage map. Recombination frequency is depicted by Ɵ (theta) and calculates the frequency by which a single chromosomal crossover occurs between two genes at the time of meiosis.

Step 2

Option (e) is proportional to the distance between them. The frequency of crossing over between two linked genes (genes that are close to each other on a chromosome) is directly proportional to the distance between these two genes on a chromosome. Crossing over of the genes is used to make a genetic or linkage map. Hence, this option is correct.

Step 3

Option (a) is more likely if they are recessive. The frequency of crossing over between linked genes is dependent on the distance between them but not their recessive or dominant nature. If two genes are closed together enough, then they would cross over irrespective of their recessive or dominant nature. Hence, this option is incorrect.

Option (b) is difficult to predict. The frequency of crossing over between linked genes can be easily calculated by determining the distance between these genes in the chromosome. Hence, this option is incorrect.

Option (c) is determined by their relative dominance. ...

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