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The % m/m of a solution made by dissolving 6.00 g NaCl to make 200. g of solution is _______% m/m.


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Step 1

The term molarity is used to express the number of moles of solution which are dissolved in one liter of the given solution.

Step 2

The mass percent of a given solution which is denoted by (% m/m) can be calculated by estimating the grams of solute which are present in 100 g of the given solution. The mathematical formula is as follows:


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grams of solute %m/m= x 100 100g of solution

Step 3

It is given that 200 g of solution contains 6.00 g o...


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200g solution >6.00g of NaCl 6.00g 1g solution of NaCl 200g 6.00g x 100 g of NaCl 200g 100g solution =3 g of NaCl


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