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The pH of a 0.016 M aqueous solution of p-toluidine (CH3C6H4NH2) is 8.60. Calculate Kb.


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Step 1

Concentration of OH- ions can be de...

PH + РОН — 14
РОН- 14-рH
РОН %3D 14—8.60 3D 5.4
РОН- - 10g Он
5.4 %3D - 1og [Он
Гон 1- 3.98 х10s м

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PH + РОН — 14 РОН- 14-рH РОН %3D 14—8.60 3D 5.4 РОН- - 10g Он 5.4 %3D - 1og [Он Гон 1- 3.98 х10s м


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