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The radioisotope sodium-24 is used to determine the levels of electrolytes in the body. A 16microg sample of sodium-24 decays to 2.0 mg in 45 h. What is the half-life, in hours, of sodium-24?


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Step 1

The term half life can be defined as the time taken by a given quantity to reduce to half of the initial value or the time in which a given sample is half decayed is also known as half life.

Step 2

To calculate the half -life, decays constant is calculated first as follows:

Here N0 is the initial concentration of Sodium-24 which is given to be 16 micrograms.

N is the concentration of the sample after 45 hours which is given to be 2 micrograms.

And lambda is the decay constant.

InN-In N-ht

Image Transcriptionclose

N=Ne* InN-In N-ht

Step 3


=-Ax45 h
-2.08--x45 h

Image Transcriptionclose

2.0 =-Ax45 h In 16.0 -2.08--x45 h =0.046/h


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