Asked Nov 14, 2019

The radius of a right circulare cylinder is increasing at the rate of 3 in/sec, while the height is decreasing at the rate of 8 in/sec.  At what rate is the volume of the cylinder changing when the radius is 12 in. and the height is 18 in.?


Expert Answer

Step 1

To determine the change of rate of the volume of cylinder.

Step 2

Given information:

The radius is increasing at rate of 3 in/sec.

The height is decreasing at the rate of 8 in/sec.

The radius of the cylinder is 12 in.

The height of the cylinder is 18 in.

Step 3

Product rule for derivati...


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옮이미음아들이 d (u-v)=v- d (u)+u) (1) dx dx dx


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