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The weight of a type of dog follows Normal distribution with mean of 10 pounds and standard deviation of 2 pounds

  1. 90% of this type of dog has weight more than how many pounds?

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Step 1

Given Information:

Mean (u) 10
Standard deviation(o)= 2

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Mean (u) 10 Standard deviation(o)= 2

Step 2

Let x in a random variable.

For the probability 0.9, the value of x is calculated as follows:

P(X>x) P
x -
1-P(X x)P Z<
x -10
1-0.9 P Z <
0.1 P Z

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u>)=f{*=4,2=2)} 1-POX-a)-22n2} P(X>x) P x - 1-P(X x)P Z< x -10 1-0.9 P Z < O1-2-11 x-10 0.1 P Z

Step 3

In the normal distribution table, the value of...

x -10
-2.56 x-10
x 10-2.56
x 7.4

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x -10 -1.28 2 -2.56 x-10 x 10-2.56 x 7.4


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