Think of one of your Math homework. How can you use program to reveal the answer? Write a calculation program with atleast ten(10) variable statements calculating a problem..Your program should include:Variables for each part of problem. See example below:Eg. $apple = 10, $orange = 15, $discount = 0.2<!DOCTYPE html><html><body><?php$apple = 10;$orange = 15;$discount = 0.2;echo ($apple + $orange) * $discount;?></body></html>

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Think of one of your Math homework. How can you use program to reveal the answer? Write a calculation program with atleast ten(10) variable statements calculating a problem..

Your program should include:

  • Variables for each part of problem. See example below:

Eg. $apple = 10, $orange = 15, $discount = 0.2

<!DOCTYPE html>




$apple = 10;

$orange = 15;

$discount = 0.2;

echo ($apple + $orange) * $discount;





Expert Answer

Step 1

Take a math problem.

Create a program to reveal the answer to that math problem.

The program must have at least ten variables.

Step 2

Let’s take a weekly sell report and generate total sell in a week, calculate the average of the sell, find minimum sell, and find the maximum sell.

Create a PHP program to reveal the answer.

take seven variables that hold per day sell, the seven variables are:

$monday, $tuesday, $wednesday, $thursday, $friday, $saturday, $sunday

Take a variable to store total sell of the week


Take a variable to store average sell of the week


Take a variable to store minimum sell of the week


Take a variable to store maximum sell of the week


The variable in PHP starts with a dollar($) sign.

Step 3


<!DOCTYPE html>

<!--html start tag-->


  <!--html body start tag-->



<!--php start tag-->


/*lets take weekly sell from monday to sunday*/

$monday = 4530;

$tuesday = 1200;

$wednesday = 2560;

$thursday = 3210;

$friday = 2530;

$saturday = 3420;

$sunday = 1000;

//calculate total sell of a week

$totalSell = ($monday + $tuesday + $wednesday + $thursday + $friday + $saturday + $sunday);

//calculate average sell of a week

$averageSell = ($totalSell/7);

//find minimum sell of a week

$minimumSell = min($monday, $tuesday, $wednesday, $thursday, $friday, $saturday, $sunday);

//find maximum sell of a week


Image Transcriptionclose

Total sell is: 18450 Average sell is: 2635.7142857143 Minimum sell is: 1000 Maximum sell is: 4530


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